Re: HTTP Request Media Query Headers for HTTP2 Push hinting

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It sounds like you're looking for this:


> On 11 Apr 2017, at 1:17 pm, Bobby Mozumder <> wrote:
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> I’ve been using HTTP/2 push for a bit now, mostly for font push, and it’s been great.  I’m now trying to expand on other resources to push, including images.
> Right now, it seems like an impossible task with the HTML PICTURE element, where we don’t know which sizes/format of an image that a client would need.  The HTML PICTURE element provides a list of all sorts of possible sizes/resolutions/formats of a single image, and the client picks one of them to download based on window height/width & browser capabilities.
> Would it be possible to add standard HTTP request headers to indicate to the server the client media capabilities - resolution, size, etc..?  This is then complicated by the fact that the browser might change its client window size, or some items might already be cached.
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Mark Nottingham

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