Re: Is “fr, en; q=0.3” a valid Accept-Language value?

On 31/10/2016 12:15 a.m., Samuel Williams wrote:
> Thanks Julian, yes I wondered if that was how it was being explained.
> It might be the wording of the sentence preceding the table:
>> would cause the following values to be associated:
> It might be clearer if it were "could be used to compute the following
> quality values:"

It is not computing quality values. The q values are provided by the
client. It is simply associating those q= values with the possible
response types.

Like so:
1) take the request Accept list
2a) sort by q= value
2b) drop explicit types that cannot be produced (ie xml/tar)
3) output the response for type at the front of the list

If you are writing a client to produce Accept lists, then you should do
the sorting step when generating the request so as to get faster
responses from the server.


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