Re: Call for Adoption: draft-song-dns-wireformat-http

On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 7:11 AM, Tim Wicinski <> wrote:

> Alternative Approaches are always welcome.

As an aside, I thought draft-shane was very interesting - thanks for
mentioning it here.

Here's what I have heard as "requirements" around dns in http in the past:

* a standard application developer api for lookup. Often expressed as
* a standard application developer api for publishing changes. Often
expressed as REST/JSON
* a tunnel for the DNS protocol
* a push mechanism for broadcasting DNS info relevant to the http connection
* solid integration with HTTP caches

I know there have been a number of json-ification discussions in the past.
Maybe its time to roll those, the DNS expertise, and the HTTP expertise
into a unified effort? It seems this is an easy space to accidentally
partition out to its own domain experts and end up with something that
isn't satisfying to the whole. I would hope to avoid that. Tim, what are
your thoughts on that?

Doing that is certainly a more ambitious project than just tunneling an
existing protocol, but I think its potential impact is much bigger -
especially if it gets the right people in the room.

In addition to the differing sets of requirements, I think there are
different perspectives on eco-system and security impacts to be had.


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