Re: Concepts to improve Http2.0

Hey Wesley - this is just my opinion,

Allow multiple response to be sent over the wire for the same request,
> whereby the last response that has been transmitted over the wire, will
> form the official response that will be permanently rendered in the client
> browser.

You might find a better fit if you up level some of this to the application
while leaning on some H2 features to make it work well.. For instance, JS
let's you totally rewrite your DOM based on same-origin content obtained
from xhr/fetch.. This is not dissimilar to your concept of an html page
with multiple roots. Its not hard to imagine how to stitch these things
together with a liberal dose of HTTP/2 Push for the dynamic bits and good
priortization for the dynamic xhr/fetch data in a very responsive and high
performing way that doesn't require buffering on either end.

Approaches that wrap more stuff into the same http transaction, and have to
make the transport jump through hoops to do it, probably go against the


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