Re: Concepts to improve Http2.0

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>> rites:
>>> The problem with deferring headers in responses to after content, is=20
>>> that proxies often make policy decisions based on response headers, and=20
>>> therefore need these to be all up front.
>>> Trailers for this reason are also a problem
>> We talked about this in the workshop, and yes, trailers *in general*
>> is a problem, but the specific trailers people care about are not.
>> The trailers people ask for, as far as I understood:
>> 	Etag
>> 	Set-cookie
>> 	Cache-Control(/Expires/Age)
>> They are *not* a problem.
> Technically true. But those last three are exceedingly annoying if
> pushed into Trailers. Verging on being an outright attack. Since we
> reserve cache space and do a lot of storage activity before finding out
> whether its actually not cacheable after all. Usually something else
> potentially useful got discarded to make room for it as well.

Trailer: ETag would probably be a good hint about that...

Mark Nottingham

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