Very brief notes from BC info meeting


Let me begin by apologising for the early hour and thank the participants
for the dedication to the development of the HTTP protocol shown by all by
appearing so early!

As promised, very brief notes from discussion at meeting below. Comments
and additions welcome.


Some 30 people at the meeting: - “The usual [HTTP] suspects and some more”.

Martin, Göran, Christer, Zahed and Magnus presented slides.

Notes from discussion:

Several mentioned usefulness of basic protocol mechanisms such as payload
encryption, integrity protection. Segmentation also be a general problem
to be looked at.

The importance of constantly and vigorously considering user privacy and
security was stressed. Some attack surfaces on cache/secondary server and
origin/primary server was brought up, a matter also requiring continued

The question of how to discover secondary servers was put- answer is that
it hasn’t been in scope so far.

The value of deep network caches was confirmed by some speaker on the
floor, especially the benefit of offloading the origin/primary server.

Concerns expressed about the complexity in creating resource maps- will
small and middle size sites manage this?

Also, what this means for the web developer as well as what to put in the
HTTP layer of the browser and what to have in JavaScript was mentioned.
Browser security implications mentioned: -“Run this by the Chrome Security

Related to this is the question if the request to the secondary server
should be seen as a cross-origin request or not.

Several also brought up the challenging operational aspects.

It was noted that the “Island case” was not solved.


We appreciate the feedback and look forward for more.

Göran (for the set of people who have been exploring this stuff)

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