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On 7/13/16, 3:16 PM, "Gabriel Montenegro"
<> wrote:

>>On the profile section, are there particular aspects to h2 that are
>> not particularly well-suited to implementation in constrained devices?
>>  Is there anything that implementing h2 has suggested (that maybe
>> hasn't already been suggested to this working group?
>Robby may have further thoughts about this...

In my experience, I've found h2 to be suited for constrained devices and
hence the reason for an I-D advocating such a position.

My only additional suggestions are likely not useful at this point as they
would break the current spec (and some I've mentioned before):
- Making the static table truly alphabetical
- Adding default values for items in the static table (many do not have
default values)
- In addition to preset SETTINGS profiles, allowing the piggybacking of
- Then there are the traditional issues that many protocols do not
address: operation under extreme battery limitations and multicasting of
operations (requests)

In short, I think h2 is well-suited for IoT but not yet on many radars.
I'm hoping with this I-D and suggestions you all may have, we can change


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