Re: JSON headers

In message <>, Julian Reschke writes

>>> I would call it: "steer them to a format that is robust with regards how
>>> header fields can be repeated in messages"
>> You still have not given any reasoning why repeating them is good idea
>> in the first place.
>It may not have been a good idea in the first place, but that's what we 
>currently have in HTTP, both 1.* and 2. I'm arguing that it's better to 
>live with it, and to make things as consistent as possible with respect 
>to this.

I couldn't possibly disagree more.

We should eliminate and sunset as many of the warts of HTTP as we
reasonably can, in order to make it an easier and more efficient
protocol to understand and implement.

In particular, I find it very unintuitive that we would ever constrain
the JSON formats utility, in order to retain a misfeature like
repeated headers.

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