Re: TE request header deployment

On 1/07/2016 2:05 p.m., Adrien de Croy wrote:
> Hi all
> I've been trying unsuccessfully to find a browser that sets TE header in
> requests.
> Tested IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera current versions.
> I note that the wikipedia page for it comments that due to some
> unreliable servers (e.g. breaking on TE headers) that browsers now
> tended to not use it.
> Is it a completely defunct header then?  We were thinking it could be a
> good option for reverse proxy bandwidth reduction (apart from HTTP/2 of
> course).  Pointless if nobody is using it, and even worse if the proxy
> would have to retry if the server broke on it (e.g. if a proxy inserted
> it for upstream).
> Regards
> Adrien de Croy

FWIW The Squid eCAP plugin to enable gzip encoding uses it on server

Other than that it seems to be a big empty space.

For HTTP/2 there is
<> which
unfortunately does not show up on the WG tracker page of related drafts
for some reason.


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