Call for Adoption: draft-reschke-http-jfv


We've talked about this draft several times, and it appears there's decent interest in it. We also have external groups (e.g., W3C WebAppSec) starting to experiment with this format for headers.

My personal observation is that because of their open syntax, minting new HTTP headers is difficult to do correctly, even with the advice we gave in RFC7231. Providing a framework like this one can help guide authors, as well as ease the burden of reviewers. 

Julian has confirmed that he is willing to continue editing, and our AD is aware of this work. The only thing I'll add is that people shouldn't get too hung up on the exact syntax currently proposed; based on our discussions, it might change significantly.

There's already been support for it demonstrated at the meetings we've talked about it. Any additional thoughts?

Mark Nottingham

Received on Friday, 11 March 2016 06:02:56 UTC