Re: Nits and suggestions for draft-kazuho-h2-cache-digest

> On 15 May 2016, at 1:43 AM, Martin Thomson <> wrote:
>> From small to large:
> Nit:
>       2.  If "W" and "V" are equal, continue to the next "V".
> This should be next "W", I think.

There is no next W...

> I think that Q would be better encoded as a series of 0 bits followed
> by a 1 bit.  The reason I say that is that it is (marginally) easier
> to generate the values then by masking in the R value in the right
> place in a freshly calloc'd piece of memory.

I'm not fussed; Kazuho?

> This document really needs to describe what the contents of the cache
> digest are, and to describe how to decode the cache digest.  Without
> defining what it means to receive and decode this information, this
> specification almost says nothing at all.

Whatever happened to "left as an exercise to the reader?"


Yes, we do. 


Mark Nottingham

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