Nits and suggestions for draft-kazuho-h2-cache-digest

>From small to large:

       2.  If "W" and "V" are equal, continue to the next "V".

This should be next "W", I think.

I think that Q would be better encoded as a series of 0 bits followed
by a 1 bit.  The reason I say that is that it is (marginally) easier
to generate the values then by masking in the R value in the right
place in a freshly calloc'd piece of memory.

This document really needs to describe what the contents of the cache
digest are, and to describe how to decode the cache digest.  Without
defining what it means to receive and decode this information, this
specification almost says nothing at all.

Received on Saturday, 14 May 2016 15:44:18 UTC