Re: Flow control for server push

On 2/05/2016 9:54 p.m., Roland Zink wrote:
> I think as a measure of last resort the client can close the TCP
> connection and is then save from further pushes. Currently the number of
> subresources of a page seems to be unlimited, for example a simple
> script can generate unlimited number of transactions. This is

Well, its not quite unlimited. There is a 2^30 limit on the stream IDs
available per endpoint per connection. But still a very big number.

The tarpit gets deeper though since CONTINUATION exists outside of flow
control. And I'll leave it at that because that chestnut has been well
and truly roasted and still survives.

> independent if push or pull is used. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to
> limit the number of subresources? Even the number of connections to
> other domains is not limited. What about limiting secure request to be
> handled end to end secure 1:1, e.g. a single connection would be enough
> to retrieve the complete page.

That would be far too restrictive. The problem is not how many things it
takes to present a resource. Some things can be quite large and complex
just by their nature.

The problem is having all the pieces pouring back in a flood of data
regardless of need and without flow control being able to manage them.


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