Re: HTTP/2 Upgrade with content?

On Sat, 14 Mar 2015, Greg Wilkins wrote:

> So if curl is asked to use http2 on multiple requests and the upgrade is 
> rejected on the first one, will it still proceed to the next request and if 
> so will it attempt the upgrade again?  Or is it going to fail the first 
> request because the desired protocol was not used?

It'll try again on the next request.

> If implemented like that, the multiple requests would work and the upgrade
> would be done as soon as the server saw an acceptable request on which it
> was prepared to do the update.

Yes it should work fine.

> Users who wanted to insist that a specific POST was HTTP/2 could insert a 
> small request prior to ensure an acceptable upgrade takes place before the 
> upload.

Right, could be done already today yes.

If lots of servers end up ignoring POST/PUT with 1.1+Upgrade then I guess we 
might consider implementing some sort of work-around for it like the mentioned 
OPTION * trick or whatever. Even though we potentially lose an RTT with it.



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