Re: Editorial pull requests for h2

Hi Martin,

I had a look through the issues and their linked pulls; I saw one or two minor typos (pointed out in line notes, you should have received e-mails) but otherwise, looks good to me. 

These are very small changes, but I'd appreciate if other folks had a quick look as well.


> On 19 Jan 2015, at 9:40 am, Martin Thomson <> wrote:
> I've just generated a bunch of small editorial pull requests for
> HTTP/2 (and a couple for header compression).  All the open issues now
> have proposals.
> I'm talking to Mark and Barry about when these might be integrated
> into a new revision, but in the meantime, if you have a few minutes,
> review would be appreciated.
> They should all be editorial, so leaving comments of github is fine.
> Reply on list of you see anything that I've screwed up badly though.
> Definitely reply here if you think that any of these shouldn't be
> merged.

Mark Nottingham

Received on Tuesday, 20 January 2015 00:34:53 UTC