Re: null ciphers in 9.2.2

On 01/10/14 00:36, Greg Wilkins wrote:
> 9.2.2 attempts to avoid surprises by suppressing innovation.  It fails to
> recognise that some surprises are pleasant surprises.
> Let's not limit the usage of this protocol by the limit of our imaginations.

Sorry to rain on the rhetorical games, but no, 9.2.2 (perhaps
a little clumsily) just seems to me to try reflect where TLS1.3
is heading towards. Having HTTP/2.0 and TLS1.3 heading in the
same direction seems eminently reasonable to me at least. I'm
sure that could be achieved in other ways, but that kind of
consistency seems to me to be a laudable goal for both working
groups, both specification and both sets of implementations
and deployments.


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