Re: SETTINGS frame - not documented as peer-to-peer only

I think the real issue here is that SETTINGS_ENABLE_PUSH and the 
proposed SETTINGS_WEBSOCKET_CAPABLE are really end to end settings 
rather than just peer to peer. You need both endpoints and all 
intermediaries to support them for them for them to be used, and at the 
moment we have no way of discovering this. All you can really do is 
attempting a push / websocket connection and hope it works.

All other settings make sense as peer to peer settings, but I really 
don't think these two do.


Martin Thomson wrote:
> On 29 September 2014 14:17, Robert Collins<>  wrote:
>> When reading the websockets draft, it occured to me that perhaps I
>> misunderstand SETTINGS. AIUI it is peer to peer, not end to end.
> How else could this possibly work?

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