Re: null ciphers in 9.2.2

My comments in the other thread are very much about IF we are to restrict
ciphers can we at least do so in a non fragile way.

My response here is do we really really have to have 9.2.2?

Enforcing strong ciphers is targeted at trying to make main stream
deployments better, but a whole bunch of niche use-cases are going to be
innocent bystanders that are outlawed by 9.2.2.

For example, using null ciphers for debugging purposes is now a casualty of
9.2.2.  I'm sure there are other niche use-cases that will probably be
taken out.

I totally get why you want to have 9.2.2, but the application protocol us
just the wrong place to try to do it and I think we are yet to have an idea
of how deep the unintended consequences will be.


On 27 September 2014 01:49, Martin Thomson <> wrote:

> As a clarification, I think that we need to be sure to say that the
> null cipher is not permitted.
> Technically, the null cipher is a stream cipher, but this isn't made
> explicit in the draft.
> I'm going to add this to the chain of changes I have for 9.2.2, since
> I hate managing conflicts.  So it won't hit the main spec until we
> resolve that issue.

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