Re: h2 Connection Preface

On 9/10/14, 12:01 PM, "Martin Thomson" <> wrote:

>On 9 September 2014 07:10, Simpson, Robby (GE Energy Management)
><> wrote:
>> Why is piggybacking of ACKs disallowed?  We could thus save 9 octets,
>> particularly during the connection preface.
>I missed this earlier.  There was a preference expressed for a clean
>demarcation between settings and acknowledgements.  I don't think it
>was a strong preference, but since the only reason to allow
>piggybacking was to save bytes and that saving was for a relatively
>rare frame type, I think that it was easier to go with the no
>combination option.

Thanks for the background Martin.

My preference would be to allow piggybacking.  I understand it is
relatively rare, but it is possible during the connection preface in most
configurations.  The potential to save 9 octets during the setup of a
connection is particularly important for short-lived connections,
energy-limited applications, etc., particularly for a protocol with a
stated goal of improving latency and performance.  I'm specifically
thinking of servers sending a piggybacked ACK along with their SETTINGS
during the connection preface.

That said, I understand the ship may have sailed on this one.  But I am
curious if such a change is possible.  Those who wish to maintain a clean
demarcation could simply choose not to send piggybacked ACKs.

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