Re: h2 padding

On 3 September 2014 15:59, Brian Smith <> wrote:
> It seems like, with the way padding is
> currently specified, no endpoint can rely on it to mitigate
> BREACH-type attacks, for the reasons I gave.

If you use TLS end-to-end, without intermediation, I see no reason
that this can't be used to mitigate BREACH (or CRIME) attacks and
their ilk.  Certainly in cases where translation to HTTP/1.1 occurs,
that might not be true.

>>> So, we have to assume some implementations will choose to split
>>> the data stream at the frame boundary.
>> Let us be very careful to distinguish between potentially more secure
>> because we are providing the necessary tools and more secure even when
>> people do the wrong thing.  We're not aiming for the latter here.
> Splitting at the frame boundary is not specified as the wrong thing
> anywhere in the draft.

Nor is sticking your head out of a moving subway carriage.

There is probably a line somewhere between that makes sense.  If you
are willing to provide text, I'm quite likely to accept it.

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