Re: Push and Caching

On 26 Aug 2014, at 2:44 am, Martin Thomson <> wrote:

> On 22 August 2014 10:30, Mike Bishop <> wrote:
>> "While the stream identified by the promised stream ID is still open" - meaning that as long as the client has asked for it before the server has finished sending it?  That's a fairly small amount of time, particularly if the resource is very small, but sounds like a good starting point.
> How would people feel if I removed that clause.  They can be
> considered validated.  The period over which that validation applies
> is then no different to a regular request/response exchange, which
> suffers all of the same sorts of thorny and ambiguous validity issues.
> (i.e., By avoiding an attempt to define validity expressly, we're not
> making it worse, even if we're not tackling the issue fully.)

You mean removing the entire sentence, or just the clause quoted above? 

Just removing the clause leaves it open-ended, and some might read it as giving permission to make it indefinite.

Removing the entire sentence makes me less uncomfortable — but I still think some implementation guidance would be useful.

Remember — we’re talking about how long the HTTP cache can consider the response valid, not how the application using it can reuse that response (as browsers and intermediaries already do quite a bit).


Mark Nottingham

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