Re: Alt-Svc alternative cache invalidation (ext#16)

On 19 August 2014 06:20, Julian Reschke <> wrote:
>> Could we alter the ALTSVC frame to allow for multiple targets within
>> the frame?  Or have a flag of "more ALTSVC follows" to allow a series
>> of the frames in-sequence for the same origin?  Either would bring
>> the two back in alignment.  The latter seems more annoying from
>> a state machine perspective.
> That sounds right to me.

I'm not certain about this.  More from an architectural standpoint
than anything else.  Conceptually, alternative services is build on
the idea that there are multiple potential sources of information.
We've defined two, but there are also potentially other avenues (DNS,
for instance).

This change would require that each of those sources knows about all
the alternatives.  That's a constraint on the alternative service
advertiser that seems unnecessary.  And it could become burdensome.
Erik's B record is a good example of where alternatives might appear

I don't think that this is annoying to implement at all.  Simply find
the entry that matches, create one if none exists, and update its time
to match.  It also keeps independent header field processing simpler.
You don't have to worry that another Alt-Svc header field might appear
in the block before you act.

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