Re: Alt-Svc alternative cache invalidation (ext#16)

On 2014-08-19 15:10, Erik Nygren wrote:
> Ah, of course.  Having different data models between the header and the
> frame
> seems like it will be unfortunate and lead to more complicated
> implementations.
> If we're going to allow multiple Alt-Svc header targets, it seems like
> we'd want
> something similar for the frame, especially if we have full set replacement
> semantics which seems potentially easier to reason about.
> Could we alter the ALTSVC frame to allow for multiple targets within
> the frame?  Or have a flag of "more ALTSVC follows" to allow a series
> of the frames in-sequence for the same origin?  Either would bring
> the two back in alignment.  The latter seems more annoying from
> a state machine perspective.
>         Erik

That sounds right to me.

Best regards, Julian

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