Section 6.9 (WINDOW_UPDATE), shouldn't it always be a connection error if window increment is 0?

Draft 14 adds this paragraph to section 6.9:

   A receiver MUST treat the recipt of a WINDOW_UPDATE frame with an

   flow control window increment of 0 as a stream error (Section 5.4.2<>)

   of type PROTOCOL_ERROR; errors on the connection flow control window
   MUST be treated as a connection error (Section 5.4.1<>).

The only allowed values are 1 to 2^31 - 1.  This would lead me to believe that this should always be a connection error instead of being based on the stream id in the frame.

I don't see any reason to allow a server to send a bogus frame in this way even if they set a stream id.

Unless someone has a good reason to allow this I purpose making this always a connection error regardless of the intended target of the window update.



Received on Tuesday, 5 August 2014 16:34:20 UTC