Fwd: [apps-discuss] Call For Adoption: draft-nottingham-http-problem

There call to adopt this document is happening on the apps-discuss 
mailing list. Expressions of support (or not) are needed for this draft.

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Subject: 	[apps-discuss] Call For Adoption: draft-nottingham-http-problem
Date: 	Mon, 21 Jul 2014 12:32:01 -0400
From: 	Murray S. Kucherawy <superuser@gmail.com>
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Call For Adoption: draft-nottingham-http-problem


This note begins a Call For Adoption for the above document to be 
adopted as an APPSAWG working group item.  The Call ends on August 8, 2014.

Keep in mind that adoption of a document does not mean the document 
as-is is ready for publication.  It is merely acceptance of the 
document as a starting point for what will be some later final product 
of APPSAWG.  The working group is free to make changes to the document 
according to the normal consensus process.

There was some favorable discussion toward adoption of this document at 
IETF 90 in Toronto.  We will factor this into the decision at the close 
of this Call.

Please reply on this thread with expressions of support or opposition, 
preferably with comments, regarding accepting this as a work item of 
APPSAWG (as opposed to some other venue). Feel free to include 
discussion of constraints that the WG should consider with respect to 
its mini-charter.

-MSK, APPSAWG co-chair

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