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As per our other decisions recently, this is too speculative to include in HTTP/2 at this late stage. Happy for the discussion to continue for the benefit of future work, but the underlying issue for HTTP/2 has been closed.


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> , Matthew Kerwin writes:
>> I could see some interest in splitting the path into either a single "*" or
>> a list of segments (removing "%2F" from the path string), but for one how
>> many URLs have %2F in the path? And for two the rules in RFC 3986 and a
>> couple of decades of experience already have that covered, I think.
>> I guess you could split the authority into userinfo/host/port if you were
>> desperate for such a thing.
> Uhmm, lets not go overboard here, please ?
> I'm proposing splitting :query for :path, because it is a well known
> distinction which through its established use-pattern gives us a
> handy way to improve compression significantly in common scenarios.
> We already split the HTTP URL into it's other major parts, :scheme,
> :authority and :path, so splitting out the last major part is not
> a big step and involves neither complex text nor introduces a lot
> of error handling.
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