Re: #535: No 1xx Status Codes


I'd like to see 100 semantic supported in h2, but it does not have to be
exactly by sending a :status:100.   I'm fine with dropping general 1xx

I think there will be many real applications that just will not work over
h1-h2  proxies without 100 support.

I'm not a big fan of trailers and will ignore them in Jetty because there
is no way to plumb them into the servlet API.    However, I think there is
some value in leaving them (and mid stream meta data) in h2, as I think it
increases the chance that later extensions can be developed that will use
them and pass through intermediaries (but the frame should be called
METADATA rather than HEADERS), but this is very marginal.


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Received on Tuesday, 15 July 2014 08:59:14 UTC