Re: PRIORITY extension

personally I wouldn't call it optional - it  is just unenforceable and has
no wire level requirements. So I guess its optional from an interop
perspective, but its impossible to do useful mux without it.

The definition of how the peer interprets weights is going to be a local
decision and as I mentioned in the next post you can't really know what is
instantaneously available to send from the other end of the pipe. Other
stuff flows into that - paging and buffering algorithms and what not. Some
priority is absolutely required to build a useful h2 implementation, but
there really are no MUSTs that can be put around it that mean anything.

we can certainly write some version of  "when choosing which stream to send
the peer MUST choose the highest priority stream that has data currently
available." But that doesn't actually do anything useful for compliance or
interop because "currently available" needs to be open ended and is
unknowable by the peer. Its a pointless MUST.

On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 9:44 AM, <> wrote:

> On Monday,14 July 2014 15:41, wrote:
> > I've been doing interop with a spdy proxy that doesn't implement
> priority - its
> > way worse than h1. Click on a download and try and load a new page - the
> page
> > blocks on the download :)
> >
> That begs the question, if it's so important, why isn't PRIORITY a
> *required* aspect of h2?
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