RE: Large Frame Proposal

Hi Yoav-

On Thursday,10 July 2014 12:47, wrote:
> Is that for every frame, or just when a large frame size has been advertised?
> I guess the former, but then we're increasing every frame by 2 bytes for the
> same of those 0.02% No?

Our proposal (Greg et al) already had the extra 2 bytes from the beginning, see the first e-mail (from Greg) in this thread [1].  I simply extended the reserved bits from 1 to 8 to appease concerns by Roberto and others that too many bits is too big of a foot gun, but simultaneously allows future revs of the protocol to *easily* extend the frame length field if necessary.

Our proposal (Greg et al) is *not* just about getting rid of CONTINUATION frames for the 0.02%.  Again, see the first e-mail (from Greg) in this thread [1] for a _detailed_ analysis of the benefits of this proposal.  It's probably better to comment directly on sections of that e-mail if you have concerns.




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