Re: Large Frame Proposal

On 2014-07-09 15:02, Jeff Pinner wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 7:56 PM, Greg Wilkins wrote:
>> On 9 July 2014 12:35, David Krauss wrote:
>>> Dynamic changes are unlikely to happen in practice;
>> If the proposal is accepted, Jetty is definitely planning on modifying 
>> our
>> server to adjust the frame size setting to a large value when we see a
>> single large upload on a request.
>> We will do the same for our client for downloads.
> Precisely why I am a strong -1 on this proposal.

Keep in mind that change only means the Jetty instance emitting a large 
upload is saying it is now able to *receive* large frames.

Your implementation talking to it is under no obligations to do anything 
except take note of that, and the Jetty is still obliged to follow your 
own advertised (small?) limit when sending to you.


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