RE: #541: CONTINUATION - option #4

On Monday,07 July 2014 11:00, wrote:
> I wonder if any sort of MHS setting is better-off being something coarse-grained
> (e.g., aligned on 1k or 4k) so that you don't have peers doing weird things like
> advertising 423 byte MHS, thereby screwing things up...

I think that's a good idea. If the max is defined as 'max = MHS*K', where K=1k or 4k or whatever.  Depending on the value selected for K, that could also provide some future-proofing in case, for whatever reason, the length field were to be made bigger.

What about doing the same thing for flow control values (i.e. coarse-grained values aligned on 1k or 4k or...)?

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