RE: #529: Working around concurrency limits

As previously discussed, it's technically close to impossible for us to implement and undesirable in many other cases. I think this position has been well understood enough that there will be no attempt to enforce or proactively encourage any limit. Hence, it's an editorial issue rather than an interop one at this point.

However, I'd just remove the text. It's adding controversy without value IMHO. Alternatively, if we want to say something, drop the RFC2119 language. How about: "In typical browser cases, client will achieve better throughput by restricting themselves to a single HTTP/2 connections to each host and port pair, where host is derived from a URI, a selected alternative service [ALT-SVC], or a configured proxy."

That leaves the door wide open for large downloads, proxies and all the other "atypical" cases.


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As I just mentioned in the issue, we already limit the requirement to a SHOULD here, allowing proxies to open more connections if they feel it necessary (and indeed, this isn't something we can really test for).

Do we need to do more than that, or can we close the issue?


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