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Did you mean CAs that offered free certs? Brian listed this earlier already.

And I know there are DANE fans here...I don't really want to talk
about it here since it'll distract from the conversation. Please ask
at But in
short, I believe we have no plans to implement.

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 1:59 AM, Eliot Lear <> wrote:
> On 12/16/13 12:03 AM, William Chan (陈智昌) wrote:
>> I don't recall this argument being sunk. Can you provide a reference
>> or explain why?
> Or conversely, could you point to a list of freely available CAs that
> Chrome or Chromium supports?  As someone who gets an annual bill, I'd
> love to know.  Alternatively, I'd love to hear when you expect Chrome to
> support DANE.  I'm licking my chops for that...
> Eliot

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