Re: Our ALPN protocol IDs

On 05 Dec 2013, at 05:44, Mark Nottingham <> wrote:

> Thinking about this, is it appropriate to specify the minor protocol version (which implies compatibility on the wire) in the ALPN identifier?

So how would the negotiation of the minor version be done?
I dont see how that is done in HTTP/2.0 (except when upgrading from 1.1).

Maybe it is worth adding a section that explains the protocol evolution model of HTTP/2.0.
(My benchmark case here would be plugging in a different compression scheme for 2.1.)

(If the result of such a discussion is that ALPN is a good way to indicate HTTP/2.1 capability early and upfront, we should plan now for the tokens that the HTTP/2.xes get.)

Gre, Carsten

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