Re: What will incentivize deployment of explicit proxies?

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Subject: Re: What will incentivize deployment of explicit proxies?
>Le Mar 3 décembre 2013 17:47, Albert Lunde a écrit :
>>  If this sort of proxy discovery/negotiation process is such an
>>  improvement, it seems like there might be merit to specifying it in
>>  parallel for HTTP/HTTPS 1.1 and HTTP/HTTPS 2.0, even if the messages 
>>  state management used aren't exactly identical.
>I thought the aim of keeping http1 semantics was to allow 
>bridges? If that's the case we only need good proxy support in http2, 
>proxy will terminate the http2 link and translate to http1 for http1 
>Trying to fix http1 for proxies at this stage seems way too late 
>http2 goes nowhere)
Actually I think there would still be an enormous benefit to be had from 
fixing this in 1.1

We can deploy such things very quickly, and customers can start to see 
benefits straight away.  unlike the expected timeframe for widespread 
benefits from 2.0, since that's not even a target we can implement to, 
let alone roll out etc.


>Nicolas Mailhot

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