Re: I revised the pro/contra document


On 11/24/13 8:22 AM, Mike Belshe wrote:

> But I don't want to hold up progress on HTTP/2.0 for everyone because
> of a very minority claim that legacy hardware performance is bad.

You're arguing a false premise.  That is- web sites that are looking at
aggregate costs in a competitive market compare against performance of
their peers.  This factors out legacy h/w.  I hesitate to go further
because the data here can lead to ambiguous interpretations, but it's a
sure bet that there will be classes of environments that have certain
performance characteristics that make HTTP/2 palatable, and others where
perhaps that tradeoff isn't worth it.  Wang et. al. at the University of
Washington  have recently done some excellent work on SPDY/3 that gives
us a taste for this.[1]


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