Re: something I don't get about the current plan...

That is fairly sad. I was able to do this with a shell script and 20
seconds of thought the other day.

In any case, I think that Mike was talking about the ability of a properly
implemented endpoint to traverse the internet reliably.
Certainly there may be difficulty in getting a properly implemented
endpoint, but experiences thusfar shows that it isn't unsurmountable given
the wide and successful deployment of HTTPS and various other protocols
over TLS.

On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 1:47 PM, Nicolas Mailhot <> wrote:

> Le Dim 17 novembre 2013 17:36, Mike Belshe a écrit :
> > But ~100% of clients can current connect over port 443, navigate the
> > middleware, negotiate HTTP/2, and work just fine.
> No they don't. In fact the number of clients that can do it properly is
> abysmally small (last time I tried to write a python script, a couple
> months ago, four out of five of the python http framework I tried could
> not for example)
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> Nicolas Mailhot

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