Re: Pervasive encryption: Pro and contra

I think Poul's argument is that P1 and P2 are simply invalid. He wrote
an article for that. If they are listed as pros, we need cons to
counter them.

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> * Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
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>>n Hoehrmann writes:
>>>I understood the comment as saying that the point does not belong on
>>>a "pro and contra" list, which seems fair enough in this instance.
>>Why is having your protocol banned in USA or China not a "con" ?
> If "pervasive encryption" was outlawed and lawmakers asked me to explain
> the pros and the cons of it, I would not list the legal status as a con,
> I would consider that besides the point. Talking to others I would note
> it's not a legal option. I think it's fair to say
>   Contra:
>     - Not an option.
> would be a bit strange, all the more so if it was
>   Contra:
>     - Could become not a legal option.
> as that is true for everything.
> I also think the argument is flawed. Consider two scenarios:
>   A: We encrypt only the most sensitive top 1% communications.
>   B: We encrypt everything except the most sensitive top 1%.
> In which scenario is encryption more likely to be outlawed? I believe
> people would find it strange if pervasiveness was the deciding factor.
> It seems more likely that governments would attack elsewhere, such as
> mandating digital repression mechanisms on licensed devices.
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