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> Le Dim 17 novembre 2013 23:12, Mike Belshe a écrit :
> > There are a million apps in the app store, and every one of them had to
> go
> > get a cert and keep it up to date.  Why is it harder for the top-1million
> > websites to do this?
> Because you're not designing for the to-1million websites, you're
> designing for everyone including people who think green text on pink
> background is pretty and don't want their web site go down every year
> because their cert expired.

No.  This is a change that only affects the servers, not the clients.  The
client UI gets easier when security is on all the time.  I cited those
research reports yesterday.

UI research on mixed mode security has been very clear - we have yet to
find anything that works.


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