Re: 203 Non-Authoritative Information: deprecate?

On 2011-05-31 06:42, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> Revised proposal:
> """
> 8.2.4.  203 Non-Authoritative Information
> The representation in the response has been transformed or otherwise modified by a non-transparent proxy [ref to p1].  Note that the behaviour of non-transparent intermediaries is controlled by the no-transform Cache-Control dirctive [ref to p6].

Part 1 uses the terms transforming-/non-transforming proxy 

Maybe also say "transforming intermediaries" instead no "transparent 

> This status code is only appropriate when the response status code would have been 200 (OK). When the status code before transformation would have been
> different, the 214 Transformation Applied warn-code [ref] is appropriate.
> Caches MAY use a heuristic (see Section of [Part6]) to determine freshness for 203 responses.
> """

I feel this is actually a *change* compared to 2616 (the spec, not the 
actual practice); thus we may have to list it in the Changes appendix.

Best regards, Julian

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