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Re: [#95] Multiple Content-Lengths

From: Willy Tarreau <w@1wt.eu>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 08:06:01 +0200
To: Mark Nottingham <mnot@mnot.net>
Cc: HTTP Working Group <ietf-http-wg@w3.org>, Roy Fielding <fielding@gbiv.com>
Message-ID: <20100920060601.GJ15598@1wt.eu>
Hi Mark,

you proposal looks fine to me. I just have a minor comment :

>        downstream response, and then close the connection.  If this is a
>        response message received by a user-agent, it SHOULD NOT
>        be used, but if it is the message-body length is determined by
Please add a comma here, between "is" and "the", I had to parse the sentence
three times to figure it was here and not anywhere else.

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