Re: POST with empty body

fre 2010-09-03 klockan 13:38 +0100 skrev Nathan:
> Is there any chance of a slight clarification to zero-body POST, message 
> in URI?
> Specifically I'm thinking that for years the message of don't do things 
> like 'GET /transfer-funds?account=1234&to=4567&amount=100000000' has 
> been common, whereas this seems to indicate that simply swapping the 
> verb to POST makes it 'okay' (please do infer the human readable meaning 
> of the example conveyed by the URI).
> I guess (personally) I have a gut feeling that this could create 
> problems somewhere down the line - but the specifics of how and what 
> escape me for the time being.

There is applications that insists on an entity-body being present in
POST requests even if length 0.


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