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this is an update to the draft re-specifying Content-Disposition as HTTP 
header field.

It now is feature-complete and has no outstanding issues I'm aware of, 
but I'm sure some will come up once it gets more review. In particular, 
I'm looking for feedback on the security considerations; there's really 
a lot that can go wrong when servers suggest filenames (or paths).

Also, our chair has suggested that this really should be a WG item, as 
it describes something previously in RFC 2616. I'll do that soonish.

In the meantime, feedback is of course appreciated for this pre-WG 
version as well.

Best regards, Julian

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	Title           : Use of the Content-Disposition Header Field in the 
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
	Author(s)       : J. Reschke
	Filename        : draft-reschke-rfc2183-in-http-03.txt
	Pages           : 15
	Date            : 2010-08-30

HTTP/1.1 defines the Content-Disposition response header field, but
points out that it is not part of the HTTP/1.1 Standard.  This
specification takes over the definition and registration of Content-
Disposition, as used in HTTP, and clarifies internationalization

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