RE: short-time client side caching and clock skew


Thank you for your insights and corrections.

If I understand you correctly, the following pseudo-code would cover all the cases, taking -09 as base, and completely bypassing date_value if possible:

if (response_version_1_1 && !response_via_1_0) {
 corrected_initial_age = age_value + (response_time - request_time);
} else {
 apparent_age = max(0, response_time - date_value);
 corrected_received_age = max(apparent_age, age_value);
 response_delay = response_time - request_time;
 corrected_initial_age = corrected_received_age + response_delay;
resident_time = now - response_time;
current_age = correct_initial_age + resident_time;

I have tested current operation in a few browsers, and the results are not encouraging; if the above is judged correct it is my intent to submit bug tickets to some of these browser manufacturers and see if they will update.


Received on Monday, 31 May 2010 13:04:56 UTC