Re: Issue 39: proposed example for varying the etag based on conneg

tis 2010-04-06 klockan 17:37 +0200 skrev Julian Reschke:

> > A weak entity tag SHOULD change whenever the origin server considers prior representations to be unacceptable as a substitute for the current representation. In other words, an entity tag SHOULD change whenever the origin server wants caches to invalidate old responses.

True, and gets more obvious if you look at what happens when content
negotiation is used on the resource.

Any responses with matching ETag must be fully interchangeable with
another having the same ETag. No matter if weak or strong.

Two responses which are not fully interchangeable MUST NOT use the same

Responses which are fully interchangeable but which perhaps do not share
the same binary representation MAY use a shared weak ETag.


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