Re: is rfc2616 the right document to study

On 27.04.2010 16:12, transkawa wrote:
> I want to understand http protocol; been reading the threads in this
> list for some time and intend doing some time with apache but first want
> to delve into details with http. what document do i read for http? is
> rfc2616 still possible?
> from the threads in the list, i don't know if the references are to
> another rfc or something beyond rfc2616. sorry if i double posted!

Technically, yes, RFC 2616 is still the relevant document.

In practice, we've been working on an update for quite some time - it's 
now a 7-part spec, see <> and 

If you plan to read the spec anyway, then reading the current drafts 
would make much more sense; you wouldn't stumble upon many known (and 
fixed) issues, and also could provide feedback on what we've done so far 
(as opposed to something that is over 10 years old).

And, btw, it's not really more material; it's just better organized.

Best regards, Julian

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