Re: #184: HTTP/0.9

mån 2009-08-10 klockan 21:47 +0200 skrev Julian Reschke:

> In particular, we do *not* expect today's servers to understand 0.9 
> requests, and respond to them. Right? RIGHT?

Right. But I still expect clients to handle HTTP/0.9 responses, even if
not required by any specifications old or new, but that does not need to
be covered here.

However, I would use slightly different wording for the server
requirements. What you proposed kind of implies that servers need to
understand the HTTP/1.0 specifications as well which is not the case.
The HTTP/1.1 specifications do contain all the needed requirements for
how a HTTP/1.1 server should respond to HTTP/1.0 requests. No need to
mention HTTP/1.0 as if it was a different format from HTTP/1.1. And the
same is also true for HTTP/1.1 clients receiving an HTTP/1.0 response.

Sorry, no explicit wording suggestion at this time. Too late in the


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