Re: fyi: Tab-level cookies for the browser

Yngve N. Pettersen wrote on 7/29/2009 4:14 PM: 
> My objection above (aside from the complexity issues) is that with that
> type of operation then my way of working, which is to close the tab when
> I am finished with it, as well as somebody accidentally closing a tab,
> mean I will most likely have to log in again in order to use the account
> again (I can think of ways that that can be avoided, but then you are
> already halfway to my URI path proposal). OTOH the whole point about
> being logged into multiple accounts is to avoid logging in again when
> you wan to change context to another account.

True, if you close the tab, you remove the tab-cookie and effectively end your session.  However, if the site chose to, it could use a normal cookie to associate your browser instance to your various tab instances, and offer you the choice of picking a non-expired tab instance when returning -- that would be up to the server to implement.

- Bil

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