Re: fyi: Tab-level cookies for the browser

> The proposal is to use tabspecific session cookies to control which account 
> is displayed in each tab.

This is a wider issue than tabs ... a tab is just a special case of new 
browser window... IF any support is provided, it should be based on a new
notion of scope along with well thought out rules for when scope is shared 
between windows and when not. The HTTP WGs have classically avoided User 
Agent behavior issues so perhaps this should be solved elsewhere (if at 

May also be that cookie domains could sort this out already? My 
recollection of the original proposal was to deal with multiple 
application logins? If I recall and interpret correctly that would not be 
multiple logins to the same application. Not a@gmail and b@gmail but 
rather a@gmail and (a|b)@earth using the google app set. cookie2 domains 
should be able to solve that problem.

Dave Morris

Received on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 21:45:30 UTC