Issue 43 (combining fragments)


looking at <>:

"At present, the behavior in the case where there was a fragment with 
the original URI, e.g.: 
where /resource1 redirects to is 'fragment1' discarded? 
Do you find fragment2 and then find fragment1 within it? We don't have 
fragment combination rules."

And the proposal:

"Could add note to Location header that combining fragments may have 
unpredictable results."

I just tested this with various browsers.

- Firefox and Safari use the fragment in the location header.

- Opera uses the fragment from the source URI, when present, otherwise 
the fragment from the redirect location

- IE (8) ignores the fragment in the location URI, thus will use the 
fragment from the source URI, when present


"Note: the behavior when fragment identifiers from the original URI and 
the redirect need to be combined is undefined; current User Agents 
indeed differ on what fragment takes precedence."

BR, Julian

Received on Tuesday, 28 July 2009 10:26:12 UTC